Inventory management benefits

Inventory affects all areas within a company – from making correct purchasing decisions, to the products believed to be  available for sale, to handling customer service issues.   Accurate, timely inventory information can be the differentiator in customer satisfaction, the key component to successful decision-making and the driver for increased productivity and profitability. Inventory management combines inventory management software, processes and procedures to create an inventory management system that is a centralized-source for the coordination of the resources, information and functions across a business.

The benefits of inventory management

↑ Inventory management increases profitability

  • Forecasting, controlling & managing inventory increases productivity and sales, while reducing costs, resulting in greater profitability
  • Accuracy improvements & time savings, in addition to the reduction of fixing costly mistakes, can result in considerable cost savings across an organization
  • Quick access to current & historical pricing, cross-referenceable product codes and a robust tool set for managing purchasing activities, enables streamlined processes and improved spend management

↑ Inventory management improves cash flow

  • Purchasing the correct inventory in the right amount to meet customer demand, while eliminating slow-moving, obsolete inventory leads to higher profits and better cash flow
  • Credit management & collection tools integrated within an inventory management system helps convert receivables to cash quicker

↑ Inventory management improves decision-making

  • Rapid, accurate data collection enables access to real-time business intelligence across all areas of your company
  • Issue, event and project management  tracking integrated with an inventory management system enables all associates to proactively identify & solve business issues

↑ Inventory management increases customer satisfaction

  • Responding to trends, seasonality, promotions & changing marketing conditions results in having the right products in stock for customers
  • Properly identified products available to ship enables customers to order & receive the correct items quickly
  • Customer service tools integrated within an inventory managements equips the entire company to deliver consistent, personalized care for your customers

A complete inventory management solution

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