Jim McGinnis, Doug Sleeter, Joe Woodard, QuickBooks Connect 2014

Connecting at QuickBooks Connect 2014

Intuit is throwing a party this week and it’s called QuickBooks Connect 2014. Developers, accountants, small businesses, and entrepreneurs have converged in San Jose for the event, with huge names as keynote speakers and industry experts providing insights and training for the thousands of attendees. Members from the ACCTivate! team are at the event, which runs … Read more

Power up your business with ACCTivate! inventory management software

Power your business with ACCTivate! inventory management software

Power. The Business Dictionary defines power as the ability to cause or prevent an action; to make things happen. Most businesses start out wanting to simply make things happen, but as they grow, they sometimes find themselves caught in a maze of spreadsheets, memos and inefficient practices. To continue growth, they have to put a system in … Read more

Best inventory software support

Why we strive to deliver the best inventory software support

How many times in life have you wished you could “use a lifeline” like in the game show? Your TV quits working, you buy a new gadget and can’t make it work or, there’s the software that you can’t figure out. It is at that those moments that we all wish we could phone a friend or, bet yet, … Read more

Flexible inventory software

The importance of flexible inventory software

We all like to keep life flexible. Whether it’s in your personal life or business, you never know when something will occur and you need to adapt. Flexibility keeps you ready to address the situation and make the most of it. Which is why in business, flexible software is not just important, it’s strategic. Opportunities … Read more

Kitting: An inventory lesson from a four year old

An inventory lesson from a four-year-old

I was recently watching the 4-year-old that lives next door play with those brightly, colored building blocks that are popular and, as he put the last block into place on his masterpiece, I asked, “Wow. Pretty cool  – are you going to put that on a shelf in your room?” He simply stated, “No, then I … Read more

10 Free marketing tools

10 free marketing tools for your business

Marketing is important for any business and, while it does take some time, it doesn’t have to cost money. We’ve put together a list of 10 of the top free marketing tools available to businesses for promoting their services and offerings.  All of those list have a free component that provides substantial value, but most also have a paid component, which … Read more

5 things you may not know inventory software can do

5 things you may not know inventory software can do

You hear the words, “Inventory software,” and sure, you immediately think of keeping a count of the inventory in the warehouse, managing where it’s located, and maybe even a bit of order processing. But, here’s five things you may not know inventory software (well, the right inventory software) can do. 1. Inventory software can know what you need … Read more

Magento inventory management

Easy-to-use, affordable Magento inventory management

Imagine – your purchasing, your inventory, your orders, your fulfillment and your customer service – all managed in one place & all with access to the same information. It’s more than possible – and it’s also affordable and easy to use. ACCTivate!’s Magento inventory management “Amazing, your eCommerce import tool is just amazing!” – Khaled Abohalima, Chief … Read more

Inc interview with Scott Cook of Intuit

Intuit’s Scott Cook says you need to savor surprises

In a recent interview by Inc with Intuit’s founder, Scott Cook, Cook says he tells his employees that “savoring surprises is really important. When a surprise happens – either an upside surprise or a downside surprise – that’s the market speaking to you trying to tell you something you don’t yet know. And so, you … Read more

Sustainable growth- Ice King

Is your growth sustainable? Time to plan – and act

The cold, hard truth of the importance of planning for growing businesses was recently highlighted in an Entrepreneur article that tells of the story of Fredric Tudor, who in 1805, came up with the idea that ice would be good for keeping food cold. After rejections and many trials, Tudor went on to make a … Read more