Three common, costly business mistakes

Three common, costly business mistakes

Every so often a story hits with news of a big, costly error in the business world. Just this last year, a very large ski resort in Utah, who had a sweetheart of a deal to lease the land where their ski slopes were located, forgot to send the paperwork required for the lease to continue. … Read more

Business alerts

Keeping alert recently announced they will now send alerts if cars that match your specified criteria become available in their inventory. Alerts are available from most banks if your balance drops below a certain level, credit card companies send alerts when your payment is due, and you can even get alerts when the temperature falls below … Read more

Save on non-profit software

Opportunity to save on nonprofit software

Software Advice recently released a report on the software requirements and desires of non-profit organizations, “Nonprofit Software BuyerView 2014.” Key findings in the report included improving efficiencies, moving to a web-based system, and improved donor management. Key finding #1: 51% of those evaluating nonprofit software are seeking to improve efficiency. Nearly all of the of non-profits looking to improve efficiency … Read more

Time for some vendor spring cleaning

Is it time for some vendor spring cleaning?

Spring is a great time to get the house in order and give it a good, deep cleaning.  Check the corners for cobwebs, de-clutter the closets, and maybe even make some new purchases. Just as it’s a good time to clean up the house, it’s also a great time to take a step back and … Read more

Google Glass

Barcoding meets Google Glass

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Google Glass since it was introduced, but this month the product took a step forward in demonstrating how it could become a part of ordinary life. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, GS1 demonstrated barcode scanning with Google Glass. The demonstration “showed an individual scanning a barcode on product packaging to … Read more

Manufacturing on the rise

Manufacturing is on the rise – are you ready for growth?

“Traders were encouraged by news that orders to U.S. factories for long-lasting manufactured goods rose in February by the largest amount since November.” – ABCNews Stocks Open Higher on Better Manufacturing Report, March 26, 2014 “The survey of 368 manufacturers found that total order books improved slightly again in the three months to March. This … Read more

Know your supply chain

Knowing your supply chain

A recent study by Supply Chain Insights, “Voice of the Supply Chain Leader,” highlights the top gaps / challenges faced by supply chain leaders today. The top three areas of concern: Executive team understanding of the supply chain Ability to get the right data Actionable analytics Knowing your supply chain All three concerns tie back … Read more

How big is cloud computing?

How big is cloud computing?

BIG Really, really big. And, getting bigger fast. Cloud computing: Bigger, Faster, Cheaper During the sold out Google Cloud Platform Live conference on March 25 in San Francisco, Urs Hölzle, Google Senior Vice President, stated there are 4.75 million active applications with 28 billion front-end requests each day and 6.3 trillion data storage requests on the … Read more

Omni Channel Customer Service

Why one system is the solution for multi-channel & omni-channel success

Remember in the olden days (2005 or so) when customers drove their car to a store and bought something? Then came eCommerce, and then multi-channel and now…. omni-channel.  “Omni-what?” Here’s quick answer. With multi-channel, customers (and retailers) learned the pain that could accompany the convenience of having the ability to purchase on the web, in … Read more

Importance of tracking and returns

Think tracking and returns aren’t important in customer service? Think again.

A recent study conducted by UPS of more than 3,000 U.S. online shoppers, “UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper,” concluded that online shopper expectations are increasing, and in more specific areas. While ease of checkout experience and having a variety of products offered were at the top of the requirements list, quite a few “operational” items are … Read more